Our Story

     Hello!  We are The Fowler Family from Fayette, Alabama.  We sing Southern Gospel music that leans more toward the traditional convention music of gospel music's heyday.  Our members are Glenn, singing lead, Nancy, singing alto, William, singing tenor and Isaac, singing bass.  We are primarily a quartet but we also switch things up and sing as a trio or even duet on a song or two! We sing classic Southern Gospel as well as some of the newer Southern Gospel favorites.  We try for a balance of older and newer songs so there is bound to be something for everyone in our repertoire. 
     This group began in 1991, when Glenn and Nancy started dating.  Both of them had been singing in church all their lives and both had always wanted....no DREAMED.....of singing in a gospel group.  As they got to know one another and discovered this shared love of singing, they decided that they would start singing together.  Glenn pulled in an old friend to sing tenor and the first incarnation of this group was born.  Their name for this group was One Way Flight and through many personnel changes over the years, that remained the group's name until their oldest son began to sing tenor for the group.  The group had been on a hiatus for a couple of years due to several unfortunate circumstances in their personal lives.  When they reformed with William singing tenor, they decided to call themselves what they were......The Fowler Family.  Just this past June, another dream that came into being with the original group, finally came to pass.  They were privileged to go to the home studio of the Dixie Echoes and record their first CD, God Knows The Reason Why.  A new CD, recorded with Heartsong Nashville Music Group has been completed now as well.
     It is with God's blessing that we have been able to travel and sing locally at churches for homecomings, revivals, concerts and singings for several years now.  We are blessed to have several churches that invite us back every year to sing for them.  They will never know how much we appreciate them and their kind invitations.  We have traveled out of state to sing as well, including Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia and Tennessee.  We do not set limits on where we will travel to sing.  If God opens a door, we do our best to walk through it and sing His gospel message to all who wish to hear it.  Please feel free to browse this site and listen to our music.  Also please join our mailing list and we will try to keep you updated on the latest information about where we will be singing and what we are doing musically.  If you would like for us to come to your church event to sing for you, please contact us and we will schedule a date just for you!  Thanks for stopping by our site and we hope you have a wonderful, blessed day.