Busy, Busy World

Hello all!  I am a little later than usual getting around to this blog post today.  Our day started WAYYYYYYY before breakfast with that nasty alarm clock going off at 5:30 am after a late night bedtime of midnight!  Isaac plays in the band at his school and it was their first regular season football game last night and it was away.   So we had to travel and we were late getting home.  This morning, Glenn had to be up early to be at work at 7 am and I got the kids up and we made a pre-7 am trip to the local radio station, WLDX, to promote our CD.  I let William do all the talking!  I sat and listened and occasionally acted as teleprompter.  After an enjoyable time talking with the show host, we dropped off our vehicle for an oil change and walked to a nearby cafe for a much needed breakfast.  If anyone was listening to the interview and heard a strage growling sound, it was William's stomach.  He was hungry!  Then we got haircuts and gas for lawn mowers and headed home to start the second phase of the day.  Isaac mowed grass while I weedeated and William cleaned up inside the house.  I think he got the best end of that deal.  He could stay under the A/C.  I got very hot!!  And we got through just before the rain hit.  So we got it cut, just in time for it to get a good watering so it could grow some more!  Then of course, it was time for a late lunch and the Alabama ballgame.  Then I had to cook a cake for a family reunion coming up on Monday.  I am really tired right now and after reading everything we did today, I am DOUBLY tired!  I am out of my routine because I usually do this in the morning when I am fresh, and rested and my brain is functioning well.  Tonight, I am not so fresh (although after 2 showers today I should be!) and my brain isn't wanting to work at all.  I am waiting on my cake to cool so I can frost it, and as I sit here, I realize even though I have been so very busy today, I haven't taken any time to just sit and thank the Lord for my blessings today.  The fact that I was able to be so busy, when so many can't even get out of bed in the morning is a tremendous blessing.  I am worn out and I know I will feel the affects of running a weedeater tomorrow, but I am still here with my family, we are healthy, and we are blessed enough to have all we need and so much more.  William has gotten to spend most of this afternoon and evening with a friend he doesn't get to see much and I got some crocheting in while I watched the ballgame.  But in all that time, I haven't stopped just to say thank you Lord for your blessing and mercies You shower in me every day.  However, the day isn't over yet and I still have time to spend precious moments with the Lord and say all those things I should have said this morning.  I also have time to cherish the moments I can spend with my family this holiday weekend and thank the Lord for the blessing of the family I am a part of.  I challenge you this weekend, not to dump a bucket of ice water over yourself, but to take a few moments out of our busy, busy lives to just stop, appreciate our blessings, and thank our Creator for each and every one by name.  Better block out a pretty good chunk of time though.  I bet when you start to name them one by one you'll discover as I have that you are blessed beyond words.   That you are drinking from your saucer because our cup has overflowed.  Blessings and love to you all.  Have a wonderful weekend.

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