Check Your Attitude

Hello all!  I was thinking this week about what I could talk about in this week's blog and I was coming up dry.  Nothing meaningful popped into my teeny little mind.  I was asked by my boss to work Saturday, my off day.  My day to catch up on stuff around the house that I let slide all week (or maybe all month!).  I reluctantly said yes.  Then I had to go to work Saturday morning after a late night because of a football game.  Isaac is in his high school band, and William is in his college band so football season results in alot of late nights for us!  We try to go to all the games we possibly can to support our kids and it's kinda rough sometimes.  So I get up at 5:30 on Saturday morning and drag in to work.  I am NOT a happy camper.  I should be at home sleeping late.  Or at least if I'm up, doing what I want to do.  Notice this line of thinking is centered all on ME.  What I want or what I think is best for me.  I am not looking at the bigger picture or at what is best for my co workers.  It's all about me.  I didn't want to spend my day in a foul mood, so I made a conscious decision to cheer up and make the best of the situation.  That's when this week's topic hit me.  Attitude----we all have one and we all have complete control of it.  We can be a grump or we can be a cheerful light that warms everyone we come in contact with.  I think I'd rather be a cheerful light.  I know I'd sure rather be around a cheerful light.  Wouldn't you?  One of the songs we sing on our CD has this phrase in the chorus--"Can't let my circumstances determine the way I feel or what I do and say". And we can't.  Because in this ole world, our circumstances are usually bad.  We all have worries and fears and problems of one kind or another that we deal with constantly.  That is life.  But we can't let what happens in our earthly life derail our spiritual life.  We have to keep a positive attitude.  I know that it can be done.  I have experienced the loving mercy and tender care of our Lord in situations when I didn't see how we could possibly make it out the other side.  But He never failed us.  Always, ALWAYS, just in time, the answers came.  The solutions presented themselves and all I could say was "Thank you Lord. I know it was you."  Thing about attitudes is they tend to rub off.  I play a facebook game called Farm Heroes Saga.  You line up the little "cropsies", vegetables, in rows and if you get the required number before your chances run out you advance to the next level.  Simplistic sounding I know, but it passes the time in the waiting room.  Anyway, in the higher levels you start to encounter grumpy cropsies.  If you make a row with a grumpy cropsie, all the happy cropsies turn grumpy too and they don't count towards the totals you need to advance to the next level.  As I was playing this game, it hhit me.  You know, when I am grumpy, I tend to rub off on the happy people around me and make them grumpy too.  It rarely seems to work the other way.  Happy doesn't rub off nearly as fast as grumpy!  There again, it comes down to my attitude.  I control it. I can't pass the buck and blame someone else for it.  Even if I am near a grumpy cropsie, I don't have to let them make me grumpy too.  If I can't change their attitude then I can remove myself from their influence in order to preserve my own happiness.  You can do that too.  YOU control the outlook you have on life.  YOU alone control your happiness.  Until you can be happy inside your own heart, no matter who is around you or what the circumstances, then you can never be happy with anyone or any circumstances--at least not for long.  Peace and joy come from the heart.  They are there no matter what is going on around you or who is around you.  Happiness must begin in YOUR heart.  Then it radiates out to others around you.  It feels much better when you are happy than when you are grumpy.  So, I have renewed my resolve to try my best to be a happy cropsie and not a grumpy cropsie no matter what.  I want my life to count and I want it to make a difference in a good way--not a grumpy way.  I want happy to rub off to all I meet, cause I want their happy to rub off on me.  I hope that you will God bless.

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  • Aarin Kaur
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    This Author has the ability to write article based on our ability. Keep it up the good work!.

    This Author has the ability to write article based on our ability. Keep it up the good work!.

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