Go Worship Your God

We are in revival this week at our church and it has been great so far.  The sermon from Monday night was entitled " Go Serve Your God But Give Me Your Kids".  The evangelist used the scripture from Exodus where Israel was asking Pharoah to let them go worship God as they needed to.  One of Pharoah's compromises was to let the men go worship as they wished but their families, their kids, had to stay with him.  The preacher equated this to Satan telling us today that it was okay for us to go worship our God, but just let him have our kids.  I had the same drug problem as a kid that the preacher did....I was drug from one church to another for revivals, singings, homecomings, Bible schools etc.  I had no choice in the matter.  If Mama was going, I was too.  At times I resented that because I had other things I wanted to do that I thought was more important at the time.  Now I look back and I am thankful that my mother didn't compromise and let me have my way.  I am glad she made me go, because the more I went, the more I came to enjoy it.  As I grew, so did my love for God because my mother didn't let me take another path of my own choosing.  She knew I needed God and she knew I'd never find him anywhere else but in church.  Today, we as parents may be "serving God"  but we let out kids stay home from services, or be involved in activities that keep them from attending church.  Sports, lessons in one thing or another, or even just letting them hang out with friends rather than fighting them about coming to church with us.  We don't teach them at home to pray or read the Bible and they never see us do it either.  We are happy and secure in our faith but we aren't passing  it on to our children.  We are leaving them with the devil.  You can bet, he will spend time with them and he will lead them they way he wants them to go.  When we spend so much time at work that our kids are raising themselves, other people will be teaching them the choices to make and those choices will NOT be the ones you would wish them to make.  The preacher asked us how would we feel if we stood before God and our kids and grandkids looked at us and asked "Why didn't your TELL me about God?"  What will we say?  How will we feel?  Not only will our kids and grandkids spend an eternity in Hell, but their blood will be on our hands.  Something to think about.  Money and what it buys can be nice, but time spent with your kids is priceless.  So important to their eternal future is the time you spend teaching them and showing them the way to God.  My thoughts for the day.  Hope you have a blessed one.

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