I Am Not Good At This!

Hello all!  I hope you are more relaxed and less frustrated than I am right now!  I have spent quite a bit of time trying to get our website up to snuff and I am not having much luck.  I do not know how to do all this stuff and how to add the new CD to every thing on the site like the first CD.  I have tried all kinds of things to try to add links, and pictures, and I have come up with nothing.  I did get the new picture at the top turned right side up!  So thumbs up for getting one thing fixed anyway.  I am hoping my sweet daughter-in-law, who is much more tech savvy than me, will take pity on me and try to get this stuff arranged and settled for me when she has time to deal with it.  (How was that for a hint?!?)  Anyway, the point of all this is, our new CD is on the site music player and can be previewed there one song at a time and can also be downloaded one song at a time.  If you click the Buy CD link, it will take you to a site where the entire CD can be downloaded at once.  If you prefer a physical copy of the CD, please contact us here on the website and we will be in touch to get shipping information from you and we will mail it right to your door.   It is my hope I will learn, (and remember!) how to do all this tech stuff eventually.  I guess there's a reason why I sing instead of build websites!  Until next time, we hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!  Thanks for your support.


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