Life Happens

Hello all!  I was reading the last blog post and realized just how long it has been since I have written anything new.  I have been rather preoccupied with  It happens to the best of us and we all deal with the good life moments and the bad life moments too.  I've had some of both in the last few months.  In August, our first granddaughter was born.  She's a doll we all adore and she already tries to sing when someone plays the piano!  Third generation singer in the making!  Shortly after she was born, I went to my doctor with a knot in my neck.  Several tests, a biopsy, and a neck surgery later, I got the news that it was cancer.  How ironic, my last blog post dealt with a Relay for Life fundraiser we were singing at last year.  I used cancer as an analogy in that post, not knowing that less than a year later,  I'd be dealing with cancer myself.  After I healed from the surgery that took place 2 days before Thanksgiving, I began radiation treatments on January 10th.  30 of them.  It was a long 6 weeks getting through that as I continued to work.  We sang at a New Year's Eve singing just before I started treatments and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I knew that it might the last one for awhile.  I almost lost my voice by the end of treatment, but by the grace of God, I think that it is back enough now that I can sing at our next scheduled singing March 26th!  I'm definitely going to give it all I've got.  I don't want to let the host church down and I surely don't want to let my Lord down.  I want to give Him my best.  Sometimes it's hard to do when the spirit is willing but the flesh just isn't able.  I've had a hard time not pushing too hard and doing more damage.  I've REALLY wanted to sing, but just haven't quite been able yet.  I think this week I've finally cleared that hurdle.  I may not be quite what I was before, but I think I can be an acceptable version of it.  If God is in it, it will be what it needs to be.  He can take very little and do so much with it.  I've always been very little in the talent department, but He has made the most of it because I want to be used of Him.  I want to thank all those many churches over the years who have graciously invited us into their midst and allowed us to do what we love most...sing for the Lord.  We would not have much of a ministry without willing listeners.  So thank you from the bottom of my heart.  We count it a great honor whenever we are invited to sing for you.  On a final note, I have updated the schedule on this website, so if you are interested in coming to a singing near you, now you can see where they are.  I will endeavor to keep it updated as new dates are added.  Again, thanks for your support and we hope to see you at a singing soon.  God bless until then.... 


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