Running Behind

Hello all!  Seems to be the story of my life....always running behind.  This time of  year is hectic around my house and I always look forward to the first of December because everything starts to slow down a bit for us.  I noticed that the last post was a month ago.  I knew I had let it slip but I had no idea a whole month had gone by!  We went to a local festival last Saturday and added another member to our family.  A yellow tomcat, about 5 months old.  He was raised on a bottle because his mother died shortly after his birth.  He is the most loving cat I believe I have ever seen.  He loves to be with people.  Anybody.  It doesn't matter to him as long as you love him back.  He even tries to love on Glenn, even though Glenn isn't too fond of him!  I was just thinking, how much more effective we would be for Christ is we were like that yellow tomcat.  He loves everybody, just like Jesus said we were supposed to do.  He doesn't care who you are or what you look like, or how much money you have, all he wants is a stroke on the head.  All he wants in return for his affection is your affection.  That's all our Lord wants, is our affection in return for the great love He gave to us.  Really it isn't hard to love someone that loves you.  So loving God should be easy.  Problem is, He also requires we love those who don't love us.  We are to love those who often fall beneath the standards we have that make people worthy of love in our eyes.  And oh is that hard to do!  I struggle with it constantly, especially with those that seem to work really hard at not being loveable.  We all know people who seem to delight in being as unlikeable as possible, never mind loveable.  Yet, we are to love them too.  I guess it's people like them that make us grow as Christians, because we have to trust God to help us love them like we should.  Someday, they will need someone to help them.  We all do.  You can't get through this life without the help of someone else at some point.  If we can be the loving help that they need in their time of need, we can use that to point them to the greatest love of all time....Jesus.  I hope this little blog gives you food for thought.  I hope you all have a wonderful day and may the Lord bless and keep you.

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